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Oral Health Education Month Lahore

LAHORE– April 2014, in continuum of its mission to promote oral health to the greatest number of people, PDC Foundation successfully organized the first Oral Health Education Month (OHEM) focusing on primary oral health and educational initiatives that addresses...


Lahore – Second Outreach Program

Lahore Chapter: Second Outreach Date: June 2014 Location: Amin Maktab, Lahore Number of children: ~50 PDC Volunteers: Dr. Hammad Syed, Dr. Hammad Ahmad, Dr.Abdullah, Dr. Anum, Dr. Habiba, Dr. Naima, Dr. Amna & Dr. Uzair


Lahore – First Outreach Program

LAHORE CHAPTER:FIRST OUTREACH Lahore Chapter: First Outreach in Collaboration with Idara Aaghosh(NGO) Location: Madina ul Ilm, Lahore Number of Children: ~50 PDC Associate: Dr. Syed Hammad PDC Volunteers: Dr. Abdullah Zaheer, Dr. Amna Sabeeh, Dr. Hammad Ahmad, Dr.Habiba, Dr.Naima, Dr.Taimoor...