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12 July, 2015
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Karachi- In the ever evolving field of dentistry, today’s world have found innovative solutions to practice dentistry in less time with greater accuracy, precision, less discomfort and painless procedures by incorporating the marvels of digital dentistry into daily practice. Bringing the knowledge of these latest trends in dentistry commonly practiced internationally, Pak Dental Community (PDC) arranged a seminar on digital dentistry, on 12 July at Central Mess NORE 1, Karachi.

The seminar was conducted by Dr. Erum Makhani (DDS, USA) and was attended by a large number of students and dentists from Karachi and Hyderabad.

The seminar aimed on introducing some of the available devices and technologies with their indications and applications, method of use and learning how to integrate these into practice.

Dr. Erum explained digital impressions used to take gag free impressions without the discomfort of impression materials and trays, commonly used to observe magnified image of tooth preparations allowing dentists to analyze the preparations and correcting problems for the best possible results.

Talking about Invisalign, an alternative to braces for correction of non-complex crowding without compromising esthetics, Dr. Erum shared her cases and reviews with the participants.

With greater interest developing regarding esthetics, field of esthetic dentistry offers solutions that can be permanent and expensive or cost effective and totally reversible. One of such appliances discussed were the snap on smile and valplast dentures, a temporary mean of cosmetic solution to ones smile. On the other hand Lumineers offering high esthetic results with minimal preparation of about 0.2mm, providing the perfect Hollywood smile, fascinated the participants.

Introduction to digital dentures wowed the participants as Dr. Erum explained how the long tiring process of fabricating a complete denture in multiple appointments can be minimized to taking an impression and inserting the prosthesis in next appointment just by digitally making and printing the dentures using special software on computers and fabricating machines.

The seminar was well lauded by the participants who were mesmerized by the latest trends in dentistry and who appreciated PDC for arranging such an informative seminar free of cost so maximum people can benefit from it. Dr. Erum thanked PDC for providing a platform so people like her and many other professionals can share their knowledge and experience for progress of dentistry in Pakistan. Dr. Erum received a memento of appreciation by Dr. Faizan Syed for successfully conducting the seminar.

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