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22 September, 2015
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Bangkok 22 September, Dental Association of Thailand hosted the 103rd FDI Annual World Dental Congress for the first time in Thailand. The World Dental Federation FDI is the principal representative body that represents more than 1 million dentists worldwide. The event gathered dentists from around 120 countries and addressed key issues like oral health and population ageing, caries control and prevention and innovative practices such as minimal intervention dentistry presented by some of the world’s leading clinicians and experts in the field.

Pak Dental Community with its continued international presence outshined Pakistan once again as the PDC team comprising of 21 delegates from different Dental universities participated in the conference, accompanied by the President of PDC. Dr. Syed Muhammad Faizan. A moment of pride was witnessed when Pakistan’s flag was held high by Pakistani delegates at the Opening ceremony of AWDC FDI Bangkok in front of 2000 people depicting Pakistan’s active participation and presence at the international dental arena.

Making Pakistan proud twenty researches conducted by PDC members were shortlisted to be presented in the 2015 103rd FDI conference held at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC).

The presentations were divided into free communication oral sessions and e-poster presentations. Research topics spanned a wide range of topics in the areas of Epidemiology/Public health, Orthodontics, Operative dentistry, Oral Pathology and Surgery. After each presentation presenters were fielded questions from the chairperson of the session and audience comprised of Professors, Dentists and students.

E- Posters were presented by PDC members Dr. Zainab Haji, Dr. Fahmeena Asghar, Dr. Rida Zehra, Affaf Fatima, Syeda Zunaira and Kulsoom Zahir and free communication oral presentations were presented by Dr. Saima Butt, Dr. Abbass Mehdi, Dr. Hassan, Dr. Kishwer Naz, Dr. Virsha Butt, Dr. Sara Khan, Dr. Mehwish, Dr. Zohra Salim, Admed Moiz and Shaheryar Shafqat. All presentations were well received and appreciated. The Chairperson presented appreciation certificates at the end of every session.

On 24th September, Dr. Saqib Rashid, Dr. Syed Muhammad Faizan, Dr. Salman participated as the voting members from Pakistan in the FDI General Assembly which is the supreme legislative and governing body of FDI. Also present was FDI Official Delegate Dr. Awab Alvi. The annual meeting held at BITEC included inauguration of the new president FDI, Dr. Patrick Hescot, welcoming of new members and elections of the executive committee and council. Discussions about FDI policies, missions, aims, on-going progress and future planning were held at the general assembly.

Dr. TC Wong, immediate past president of FDI met the PDC team and once again appreciated PDC’s remarkable efforts to make a mark on the International stage. Newly elected President, Dr. Patrick Hescot well wished PDC team for future.

PDC encourages students and professionals to attend such scientific meetings which provide excellent educational and networking opportunities for professional development and progress of the profession.

President PDC, Dr. Syed Muhammad Faizan remarked “It was a moment of pride for me to witness the progress from one research in FDI Hong Kong 2012 to twenty researches in FDI 2015 Bangkok by Pakistanis under the banner of PDC. I am pleased to see the enthusiasm among young doctors and students from Pakistan. I hope that they will continue to shape the future of dental practice and education in Pakistan and contribute to the field of dentistry with honor, dignity and with the aim of taking dental profession in Pakistan to new heights. All we need to do is to show them the right direction and at the right time. I, as President PDC and my Team Members reiterate our commitment to exactly that. Pakistan Zindabad!”

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