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PDC Foundation’s Outreach programs are carried out in high-risk areas and schools where people do not have access to and cannot afford basic dental care. They aim to connect directly with the community through their notions, practices and efforts for the improvement and benefit of the society as whole.

These programs sought to provide awareness, free dental checkup, treatment, delivery of knowledge, resources, educational materials, oral health care products and engage generous volunteers to help improve the quality of life and integrate the community into preventative oral health measures.


Sixth Prophylaxis Event for WOHD ’16

PDC Lahore carried out an Outreach program at Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled. Volunteers: Dr. Syed Hammad Dr. Taimoor Khan Dr. Mobin Riaz Dr. Abdullah Dr. Naima Special Thanks to Dr. Alina


Fifth Prophylaxis Event for WOHD’16

PDC Hyderabad wing was a pro active member of our nation wide WOHD campaign. Venue: SOS Village Homes, Hyderabad. People reached: 100 Activities: Dental Checkups, Games for kids, distribution of gifts, distribution of toothpastes/toothbrushes. Volunteers: Dr. Jaweria Yousfani Dr....


Fourth Prophylaxis Event for WOHD’16

PDC Ambassadors of Ziauddin University have been active through out our WOHD campaign. They managed to arrange a very well-executed event at Primary Health Centre Sikanderabad,Karachi. Sikanderabad, is one of the slum areas found in the Shireen Jinnah Colony....


DUHS Activity for WOHD’16

This is how DUHS has played it’s part for the World Oral Health Day. This is a very healthy activity for young dental professionals to take out their time for a cause and spread awareness to the public. They...


Third Prophylaxis Event for WOHD’16

So, PDC’s nation wide campaign on World Oral Health Day 2016, reached Quetta. The PDC Quetta Wing has done a commendable job in executing the plan. Venue : SOS village Homes Quetta Patients Examined: 102 Total Patient requiring treatment:...


Second Prophylaxis Event for WOHD’16

Venue: Deaf Reach School (Gulistan-e-Johar) Number of students: 150 Location: Karachi PDC conducted it’s second WOHD prophylaxis event in Deaf Reach School where deaf children are provided formal education, vocational skills training and other skills ( Like painting, sewing,...


First Prophylaxis Event for WOHD’16

Date: 13th March , 2016. Place: SOS Children Village of Sindh Children Reached: 150-200 At SOS Children’s Village of Sindh, PDC organized first ‘Prophylaxis Event’ of its nation wide campaign for ‘World Oral Health Week’. Dental checkups along with...


Karachi – Sixteenth Outreach Program

Karachi Chapter: Sixteenth Outreach Date: 19th February 2016 Location: Gill’s Welfare Organization, Baloch Colony, Karachi Number of People examined: 24 Team: Director Outreach: Dr. Abbas Mehdi Volunteers: Ahmed Moiz Asiya Sabri Hafsa Ahmed Aiman Shahab Armash Shahab Abdullah Jatoi...


Hyderabad – Eighth Outreach Program

Hyderabad Chapter: Eighth Outreach Date: 21st October 2015 Location: THE HEIGHTS SCHOOL, Autobhan road, Hyderabad, Pakistan. Number of Children Examined: ~ 150, Aged 3-8 years Team: Dr. Shaji Ahmed Memon Dr. Hijab Fatemah Dr. Laraib Iftikhar Dr. Muhammad Tariq...


Hyderabad – Seventh Outreach Program

Date: 30th May 2015 Location: SOS Children Village Number of Children Examined ~ 50 Team: Dr. Shaji Ahmed – Team Leader Dr.Aswad Ahmed Dr.Daniyal Khalid Dr.Anum Mehmood Dr.Sarah Hyder Ali Dr.Munira Vajihee Amna Memon Sadia abbasi Jaweria yousfani Hijab...